South Africa March Trip Recap

A Note of Thanks from Ubuntu Global Connections Founder, Amy Gleason:

Thank you to those of you who supported Ubuntu’s March 2022 trip – our milestone 30th trip! – by donating items and/or money for the nonprofit organizations in South Africa. You sent us with a total of $7,700 and a massive suitcase of donated items.

As I look at this trip’s supporters, I am struck and humbled by the myriad of connections. Here’s a summary:

  • 21 households in total
  • 7 of you have traveled with me to South Africa or have a child who did
  • 8 are connected to Middlesex School in one way or another
  • 4 are extended family
  • 6 are newer connections (welcome aboard!)
  • 3 are first time donors

Your combined support means so much to Ubuntu. A huge thank you to South African Roger Galloway, who served as our guide during our time in rural Eastern Cape.

I was able to deliver all of the items you donated and had meetings and visits with each of the NGOs to discuss their current projects and dreams for the near future. They were thrilled to receive their requested items from you, and it was clear to me that everything would be immediately used. Items included 5 pairs of cleats, 6 pairs of sneakers, preschool classroom supplies, a therapy swing for classroom use, many flash cards of letters/words for early reading programs, inspirational posters for classrooms, an ipad, an ipod, some clothing.

In addition, you donated $5,000 designated for Zithulele Independent School, $650 designated for Jabulani’s Rural Ability Program and $2,120 of unrestricted donations. On the trip, Roger came up with the idea of a documentary of our South Africa nonprofit partners’ work in the Zithuele rural community and our partners were pleased with this idea. I am planning to hold the unrestricted funds you donated to start a fund for this documentary.

A documentary has incredible potential as a powerful means to raise awareness about the unique nature of the collaboration and interdependence of our non-profits. Having followed our partners’ work for over 10 years, I believe that this collaboration is one of the primary reasons that these nonprofits have been able to have the amazing impact that they have had. Thank you for giving us a good start on funding this project and thanks to Roger for this great idea!

With gratitude,

Amy Gleason
Founder, Ubuntu Global Connections