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Your donations to Ubuntu Global Connections go to South African registered non-profit organizations, also called NGOs.

Meet the Zithulele Community

Four of Ubuntu Global Connections’ South African partners work together in this vibrant village in the rural Eastern Cape, showing how a holistic and supportive approach helps everyone in the community. By working side by side to support Zithulele Hospital, local schools and the community at large, NGO staff and volunteers have helped to strengthen the community at the grassroots level. In total, this little community boasts an astonishing seven non-profit organizations, all of which work together and support each other.

Following are the four Zithulele nonprofit organizations supported by Ubuntu Global Connections:

This small yet rigorous “school of hope” has grown steadily towards its dream of offering high-quality, multilingual education in a community where  literacy and employment rates are low. The school  embraces a unique mix of children from the community as well as the children of local NGO staff which makes for a diverse and exciting learning environment. Since its inception in 2016, the Zithulele Independent School has helped make living and working more sustainable for NGO families who have relocated to the rural Eastern Cape. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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Founded in 2009 by Craig and Michelle Paxton, an initial team-of-two focused on High School Science and Maths, Axium Education has grown to a staff of 100+ serving more than 3,200 children in Grades K-12, in 25 schools in rural South Africa. Through supplemental education programs, developing excellent rural schools and research and advocacy, Axium strives for dramatic improvement in the quality of rural schooling and student achievement. Axium is facilitating effective pathways for rural students to succeed in graduating, accessing opportunities, and beginning to strengthen their communities.  

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Four doctors established the NGO, Jabulani, in 2007 to support the burdened and struggling local government hospital in Zithulele that serves a widespread population of 130,000. Poor infrastructure, inadequate sanitation and communication, limited water and electricity, and crushing unemployment are just some of the challenges to the health and well-being of this community in one of the poorest parts of the Eastern Cape. Jabulani is focused on mitigating these deficiencies through initiatives in four core areas: healthcare, education, the environment, and poverty relief through community development.


Sihamba Sonke

Sihamba Sonke, meaning “walking together,” is a nonprofit organization based in the Zithulele village that was birthed out of Axium Education to serve the local youth who needed an alternative to post-secondary academic programs.  We walk together to build healthy families and strong communities through mentorship, small business development and skills training with the aim to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness in our village. Through our community programs (chess, sports, computer literacy, agriculture and a skills gap-year), we develop our rural youth through a whole person approach to live value-driven and purposeful lives.


Other Initiatives

The following projects are directly supported by South African NGOs that are funded by your donations to Ubuntu Global Connections.


The NOW Fund

Through The NOW Fund, Old Westerfordians are supporting a generation of New (Old) Westerfordians — exceptional young people who have the potential to transform South Africa but are not able to access an excellent high school education. 100% of donations to the NOW Fund go towards the scholars’ fees and additional support. A full five-year scholarship, starting in 2024, currently costs $14,000.

The NOW Fund currently supports twelve promising learners at the school. Our scholarships are holistic and cover school fees, uniforms, books, transport, academic support and any additional costs required to have a full and rewarding experience at high school. As far as possible, our scholars participate in all the sports and cultural events they wish to.


New Hope

New Hope SA believes that homelessness should not exist & is completely preventable. New Hope SA aims to create long-term, sustainable pathways out of homelessness. It does so primarily through the use of multiple residential transitional homes which can accommodate up to 10 previously homeless individuals for a period of 6 – 36 months. New Hope SA’s purpose is to provide not only accommodation for the homeless but also a holistic program which includes a sheltered work environment for skills development and job readiness, social work & counseling services & recovery support for addiction when required.


Tsolo Building Project

Tsolo is a rural village in the Eastern Cape province with a population of approximately 8,000 people and is the hometown of Phineus (Phini) Nememba, a long-time friend of Ubuntu Global Connections as a local guide and expert. Phini is a leader in Tsolo and a problem-solver for the community, and supports critical projects there. Ubuntu Global Connections has supported Phini’s effort to restore a building that serves as a church and community center and hopes to support more of his efforts to lift up the people and businesses in this small community.

Beth Uriel

Beth Uriel, “House of Light”, is a nonprofit organization that provides young men from impoverished communities the chance to pursue meaningful, independent lives through a supportive living environment, connections to educational opportunities and training in life skills. Beth Uriel’s 28 bed independent living facility in Cape Town aims to “raise young men to look up to” and makes its resources available to previously disadvantaged young men between the ages of 18 and 24.